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Found exclusively in the Moroccan Atlas, the rhassoul is a natural mineral clay rich in nutrients such as silica, magnesium, iron, potassium, and sodium . The Ghassoul word in Arabic means "that washes". Its high mineral content makes it an ideal toning treatment for the whole body. The rhassoul is hypoallergenic so it’s extremely soft to the skin and suitable for all skin types, even the most fragile. For the Moroccan, it is custom to offer it as a wedding gift. At the traditional hammam, the rhassoul is applied after the scrub.

The Moroccan Hammam rhassoul is 100% organic and natural. It acts as a wick, instead of repelling the dirt, it absorbs impurities. The rhassoul does not attack the protective film of the skin or protective sheath of the hair and therefore makes it an ideal treatment for sensitive and allergic skin and is even suitable even for dyed hair.

Your pores will thank you after the rhassoul wrap. Being one of the best-kept secrets in Morocco, it infuses your skin with a unique blend of trace elements while pulling all the impurities and the sebum.

Thanks to the rhassoul hair treatment you will discover how to have more shine and silky hair and It will help to combat dandruff and oily hair.

The rhassoul is often sold in powder or flakes and the proper amount of water needs to be add to make a paste of the right consistency. The Moroccan Hammam rhassoul is already ready to be used and we have added a eucalyptus essential oil to enhance the treatment.

Besides all the qualities of the rhassoul, it is perfect for the nature. Being a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to washing, the rhassoul doesn’t pollute water.

How to use the rhassoul ?

After the exfoliation with the black soap and the kessa glove scrubbing, apply a thin layer on the whole body still wet. Relax and let dry about 10 to 15 minutes. When the clay dries, you will feel the absorption on the skin and will see the color of the rhassoul becoming paler. Finish by rinsing thoroughly with water.

Rhassoul hair:

Use the rhassoul for hair while showering by applying it to the scalp and on its whole length. Wait about 5 minutes without contact with water then rinse and follow with shampoo.  

If you have very long hair, you can add argan oil to the length to nourish the hair and make it silky. Click here to learn how to have healthy long hair.

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