Tattoos aftercare with argan oil

Tattooed girl with argan oil bottle

Preserve your tattoo’s ink color and sharp details

A tattoo is a personal expression of your inner feelings and though. To keep your tattoo’s soul expression you have to preserve its appearance by taking care of it.

For centuries, pure Argan Oil has been sought after as an ideal skin treatment even for the most sensitive and atopic skin types. Its exceptionally high levels of Vitamin A & E are famous for their skin protection properties and their alleviation of skin damage.

If you have sensitive skin, our hydrating serums are perfectly suitable for ink tattoos. Applied all over the body and specially on inked areas, our aftercare argan oil will foster a smooth scar tissue and boost the regeneration process of the skin.

    Check this tattoo after care video from Mariah McLean

What makes great tattoo aftercare?

vitamin e icon
Filled with minerals and vitamin A – E & D
antioxydant icon
Lots of antioxidant
band aid icon
Reduce inflammation, redness and swelling of tattooed area
unclog pores icon
Doesn’t clog the pores of your skin (non comedogenic)
ragrance icon
Fragrance and petroleum free (specially avoid alcohol contain in those)
anti anging icon
Anti-aging properties
organic icon
Organic, vegan and animal friendly if possible.

How convenient, argan oil possesses all those qualities!!!

You already know the benefits of vitamin E for your skin, but those benefits are also true for tattoo aftercare. Owed to the healing properties of argan oil, applying it to your tattoo will soothe itching, irritation and pain without compromising ink and color. Since making a tattoo is essentially wounding the skin, the best skin reparation products are the best aftercare possible.

How to use it:

Always carry around your argan oil bottle and apply directly the lotion on your tattoo as soon as you fell it drying, itching, or you feel you need it. Gently massage with your finger until the skin absorbs the oil.

What about a new tattoo?

A good tattoo artist will already tell you all the following:

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